Hey Ladies, We are Temi and Sheena the Co- Founders of ST Essentials a Black Owned Female Eco-friendly Cosmetics Brand.


     We started ST Essentials over a year ago and we are blessed to say we are pushing our mission and brand today.

        The reason why we started ST Essentials is  because we were both frustrated of not being able to identify or find brands that catered to our skin tone especially Clean Beauty Ranges that offered a variety of pigmented colourful shades that can be seen on girls not only like us but women with disability , women of different cultural backgrounds , those within  the LGBTQ community etc and we were tired of having to DIY makeup and having to put with what is available and being told Beauty only has one look, we no longer felt the need to have to voice out why Beauty is and beauty is diverse but just stood up and both said enough is enough , we were so over the excuses we!! ,we are creating the table where we can so contribute to the conversation of diversity and inclusion within the beauty space .


To think that sheenas sister chyna who is a down syndrome girl who loved to glam up could not identify with any of the women within the beauty industry is what pushed us towards our mission to create a brand that enables everyone to feel good & look Good in bold, sparkling, vibrant clean products  rather than the limited ranges of beauty which were marketed to woc and contained twice as much toxins in them.



You may not know but this our Eco-friendly Loose Pigments collection is called SOUL & SANDS!!

Why we named it SOUL & SANDS as we are firm believers in what you feed your body has an impact on your Mind and Soul.

As some of us may know alot of cosmetics brand have been known for overloading there products with toxins and chemicals that have no need for our bodies but apart from killing us inside with a cocktail toxins that can trigger alot of chemicals and health issues. 


  Going Clean and Eco-friendly your most likely to identify what is in the products and not only brands who are Eco-friendly usually have simpler and smaller ingredients list which have way better qualities for your inner soul , mind and body!

So that is why from the ingredients down to our Product Names we really wanted to not only allow you to Look Good But Feel Good within, So when you speak and touch these products it just evokes happy sparkly feeling within.


We hope that we are able to touch you one by one and spreading sparkling positivity to you.


Thank you so much for your continuous support and we cant wait to share this journey with you all.

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