Allow us to reintroduce ourselves …. Again.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves …. Again.


Its been a minute and we have noticed some new babes around here. ;)

First of Heyyy , How are you doing ?

We are glad to have you over at our official web home.. #EssentialBabe.

Now we know for some of you, you have been around from the beginning ...we mean the beginning when we used to sell Body Shimmering oils – if you know , you know haha.

But our vision from then is still the same but just with a major clean up and revamp – which we call the REBIRTH.

So who are we , We are Sheena and Temi hence the name "ST" wink wink and we are two Black women who live in the UK ,London to be precise… so you know what flag we are waving for the FIFA world cup , well maybe more than one flag lol.

Lets bring it all seriousness, ST Essentials is what we like to say 50% Beauty + 50% Diversity= 100% impact. What that means is our vision is focused on making Representation Essential for the underrepresented especially in a space which for so long as we have known it, has been gatekeeped and been a key driver in defining and influencing beauty and perception of self .

That’s why we go Big on shouting that we make “MAKEUP FOR THE UNDERREPRESENTED TO FEEL ESSENTIAL”.


The beauty industry  has transformed and transitioned from a space where we could not find beauty products with ethnic minority shades in mind to now seeing campaigns with more People of color and 28+ foundation shades but there are huge greys areas in the industry that goes far beyond campaigns.


 Diversity and representation in the beauty space is still and inevitable problem, it was a joyous moment to find us in a place where we are now but if you look a little deeper you will find the following problems; Representation of POC being presented in a monolithic way ,  the UNMARINATED idea that for e.g. Black girls only go around looking like Lori Harvey or Naomi Campbell, when In fact black is diverse  - there is the ALT black girl, the Afro indigenous Black Girl , the Gamer Black girl, the list goes on and this statement goes for the Latina Babes, the Asian Babes and the Hijabi Babes etc. – which how many times have we really seen her on the billboard if we truly want to be honest (apart from an inclusion campaign) .

Our sole mission is to pour back into the underrepresented communities through making inclusion and diversity the standard not the statement, prioritizing POC in how we formulate our products, that’s why being eco and vegan friendly is essential to us  – as if you didn’t know women of colour are exposed to twice as much chemicals in their products than white women , not to say we all are not exposed, but when Multi-ethnic consumers spend £230 million per month on  beauty then they deserve to feel essential ,valued and cared for neglected.

We will be focusing on prioritising our Beauty content creators of colour who are not being given opportunities or treated fairly by large corporations – that’s a whole other discussion.

In Addition, We are Pushing hard to return ownership to ethnic minorities who are key influencers in shaping trends but never recognised or praised for and allowing their voice to be amplified, seen and essential within the beauty industries growth.

Beauty deserves to be defined as Diverse, Inclusive, Expressive and Colourful.

So Join us in making Beauty Essential for All… with just one little click.

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