Black Woman Killing It!!

Black Woman Killing It!!

Happy Black History Month !!!

But this Black History we have been particularly focused on Black Women Killing it... I mean don't get us wrong we love our Black Brothers !!


    We must say in comparison Black women get it twice as hard whether it be the inequality they face in there pay gap or policing of Black Women's hair or the inequality they face in terms of the media making them look aggressive or undesirable , Black Woman face the inequality twice as hard.

   So it was only right.that we had to celebrate our  Black Queens Killing it !!

  One thing we pay attention to is social media and we know how difficult it is for Black content Creators to get there content seen , get opportunities from big brands... sooo this is what we did?

  We teamed up with 6 Amazing ladies to takeover our Instagram Live and Recreate a Black iconic female makeup look that were inspired by whilst having the chance to Connect and be celebrated by our audience who for sure showed them the love.

   We wanted to personally introduce you all to the ladies to get a taste of there creativity and talent aswell as give them a follow and let them know ST Essentials recommended you...


  A London Beauty Content Creator we love her personality which translates in her bubbly colourful Eyeshadow looks.


Follow her on @comfort.oaa


A Beauty /lifestyle Content Creator who we admire here trendy, edgy quirk for makeup combined with a neutral playful soft Glam look that can be used for a girls night out.

Follow her on @holayeme


An Artistic/Beauty Content Creator that we just admire for turning her makeup Brushes into a paint brush , let sis whip out that brush and she will be giving the editorial Glam u never knew you needed.

Follow her on @byroclondres


A content creator who we admire for her Abstract detailed Makeup looks that literally have you gagging for more.

Follow her on @sandras.daughter

Rachel Tope

<span;>A Beauty Content Creator and Makeupartist If your look for vibrancy, Richness and explosives of colour with lots of Pigment then look no further as she will inspire you to not be afraid to do bold looks.

Follow her on @racheltopemakeup

Kehindes Korner.

A content creator we believe if she was to have her eyes closed she would literally be able to create anything, if your looking for abstract, Soft Glam, Editorial, Festival , Hall her hand will never fail her.

Follow her on @kehindes_korner

The support for Black content Creators doesn't just stop here, we want to support as many Black content Creators as we can so If you know or even yourself are a Black content creator we would love to connect.

Our Email Details is

Also alot of our Essential Babes got the chance to recieve a £10 E-voucher just from tuning into the live .. we don't want you to miss out on all the perks and exclusives so hit that sign up button before you leave and get the rewards before anyone else does.

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