Festive Sparkly Eyeshadow Looks to Suit your Eye Shape.

Festive Sparkly Eyeshadow Looks to Suit your Eye Shape.

Its that time again, When everything begins to sparkle from the Christmas lights down to our very own party Dress , But nothing beats that Slay from Christmas day to New Years. We definitely aim to end the year with a bang and Enter the new year sparkling.


So with that in mind we are giving all our essential babes  all the tips to get your Sparkling eyeshadow looks to look less tacky and more Eye Gazing. But not only we are going to show you how to rock these looks for your eye shape, we know how hard it is for some of us who have eyeshapes which are proven to be difficult to wear certain eye looks but not to worry we are going to give you all the essential tips you need to look bossy and glam.


Monolids: Its so easy to stray away from eyeshadow due to your eye shape been known to be prone to fall out and the eyeshadows moving around.

 Best way to apply eyeshadow for Monolids: Using primer or concealer to prep your eyelids in order to not allow your eyeshadow to shift.

How to apply Loose Pigments to your Monolid eyeshape: For your eyeshape Sparkly pigments literally accentuate your eye shape and make a gorgeous statement, you literally don’t need to apply any colour do any smokey eye , just apply a sparkly and shimmering eyeshadow to give you a runway ready glam appeal.


For Hooded Eyes: This Particular eye shape your upper eyelid folds onto the crease, which makes your eye look smaller and drooped, which can allow the shadow to move on the lids.

Best way to apply eyeshadow: Use a Flat , Fluffy , Or Pencil Brush essential for your eyeshape.

How to apply Loose pigments to your Hooded Eyeshape: Shimmery and Glittery Shades allow your eyeshape to appear bigger. Place a little Sparkly shimmering pigment or eyeshadow to your brow bone and not too much, you can add some Glitter to your inner corner eye or on your actual lid that makes it move.



For Protruding eyes: This eyeshape tends to appear More rounder and Big, so with this shape it is very easy to alter and create balance and make them appear wilder or almond shaped.

How to apply Loose Pigments to your Protruding eyeshape: Add light shimmer color to your inner corner. Apply a matte shade all over your lid and line your lower lashline with it.


For Almond eyeshape: This eye shape is narrow and oval with pointed ends, much like almonds. Because of how well-proportionate and symmetrical this eye shape is, there are a lot of different makeup looks you can try.


How to apply Loose Pigments to your almond eyeshape: Apply a light shadow across your eyelids,Create a sideways V Shape towards the Outer Corner, accentuate your eyeshape further by adding a shimmer to the outer corner of your eye.


For downturned eyes: If your outer most corner of your eyes point downwards then you most likely have downturned eyes , with this eyeshape it is important to lift there eyeshape to appear more brighter and accentuate your eyes more.


How to apply loose pigment to your downturned eyeshape: Ensure to draw a line from your lower lashline to where your upper lid ends and towards the end of your brow. Make sure you are hiding the wrinkle or the hood. Fill that in and start to blend the shadow wider and higher.Blend well and add more depth if you feel like you blended too much. Keep the outer corner dark.Finally, add a lid color. You can also a glitter or shimmer to your inner corner eye for that pop you are looking for!

Most importantly regardless of your eyeshape lets not makeup to serious, Makeup is Fun and Not serious and this is Essential For you to know.

If these tips has been helpful for you, let us know in the comments and also give us some prompts on what works best for you to apply Eye makeup to your eyeshape.


P.S Before we head on out we just want to Say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. We send sparkles of Love , Joy and Happiness to you.


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