Vampire inspired makeup look on asian and black skintones

Halloween makeup ideas that looks good on all skintones.

Spooky season is in full effect, but for some of us predominantly for those in ethnic minorities it’s a holiday that we didn’t get to experience especially due to culture and religious practices , this season is more of a western celebration/practice.

For some of us looking out the window and seeing your school friends shouting  “Trick or treat’2 and talk about there Halloween costumes they was going to wear, whilst your there feeling FOMO , because you dare ask aunty or uncle can I do Halloween , most of our household we was told Halloween is the devils day.

For most of us we still don’t get in with the Halloween festivities , but for those Essential Babes who are living out there childhood fantasy of Halloween , we have got you on the Halloween looks!

We made sure these Halloween looks fit all our ethnic hues and tones.. Lets get in to it!

Vampy Makeup Looks is in.

If the twilight producers casted Our essential babes we are sure it would look a little something like this…..


Edward who? We only see Imon August  - @imonaugust on Instagram who is serving this twilight vampire inspired look featuring our Maldivian Pearl pigment – a glittery 3D eco- friendly loose pigment which was loosely sprinkled all over his dewy skin paired with a glossy gradient lip or “popsicle lip” a popular Korean beauty Trend which can be achieved using a lip stain , lipstick and lots of juicy lip gloss, as there was a flushed glossy cherry shade used on Imon’s Lips we suggest using our Japanese Cherry LipBae  a pretty glossy cherry red shade that can be used subtly to achieved a flushed lip tint look perfect for this vamp look.


 Avatar Makeup Look.

 With Avatar 2 releasing in the next two months, it only feels right for us to recreate our Fave film  this Halloween. 

Beat By Uchechi (@beatbyuchechi on instagram) got this look down to a tea – ooo lets get into it.

Our essential babes literally don’t miss a beat, If Zoe Saldana ever wanted to upgrade her glam for her character Neytiri she should defo take a leaf out of our essential babes creativity and grab our Silver Coast Pigment to accentuate and add a  bit of extra glitz and glam to the Halloween look. Halloween doesn’t have to be all scary.


Pumpkin meets Skeleton

Bring out all the creativity Babe, Spooky season is the time to bring out your inner child. That is exactly what Essential Babe Callmechim (@callmechim on instagram) achieved with this hybrid of pumpkin and a skeleton makeup inspired look and better yet this Halloween look is suitable for girls with hooded eyes.

Of course our pigments was included in the mix with a blend of SFX makeup – Face paints to achieve this incredible hybrid look. If you ever wanted to be a pretty scary pumpkin skeleton haha this look would be for you…. Our Maldivian pearl pigment was used for her eyeshadow look and you’re a babe with hooded eyes and thought eyeshadow couldn’t work for you we are here to prove you wrong , our loose pigments literally cling to the lids – also chim is prime example you can rock any look with just the right products .


Creepy crawlies but make it beautiful.

 We never thought having 8 legged spiders all over your face could actually look glam… we are living for our essential babe Nazia b (@naziab on instagram) Halloween look.


Now we may not all be as physically creative as our essential babe nazia but if you can manage some basic primary drawing , you could get away with drawing with some liner a small black spider under neath your eye paired with a dark smokey eye – which we got you our Parisian dusk Eco Pigment alone provides an instant smokey glam look , paired a pink glossy lip like our babe nazia who rocked this look using our lip bae in Hawaiian Pink , we can assure you could have your last minute Halloween in 3 … 2 ..1 .


Disney Cartoon Characters but make her melanin.

Disney had our childhood on lock . but one thing Disney was missing was black superheroes and villains for us melanin babies to feel included but we are not mad now that we got (Black Panther and Ariel) but back to it , if you had a childhood character that you absolutely loved and wondered how to make it compliment your skin tone we got you.


Try getting creative and adding the accents or details of your Fave character to your makeup look  , just like glam by net (@glambynet on Instagram) did simply adding Shego’s Black lip , using our silver coast pigment which is symbolic of  her snow white skin on her lids to really accentuate Shego's visual aesthetic added with the green shadow as part of Shego's physical characteristic. The point is less can be more in terms of pulling of your Halloween looks.


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we would love to see your Halloween looks , Make sure to Follow us on Instagram & TikTok . Tag us & use the hashtag #EssentialBabes.



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