New Year , New Goals, and Panning into a Fresh Start.

New Year , New Goals, and Panning into a Fresh Start.

First of Happy New Year, We are officially 23 days into 2022!!

This calls for a restart, clear out , Getting rid of old energies, people , places and things that no longer serve you.

But one clear out that we are excited to introduce into our lifestyle is “Panning”….. which you may have seen all over the gram of various beauty lovers say Project Pan, Makeup Panning. But for you babes who are wondering, what on earth is Panning? First thing for sure its not about holding a Pan!

Soo Panning is the conscious decision to finishing your Makeup products to the point when you see the bottom of the product container. The whole concept comes from the Zero Waste Mentality and enjoying what you already have instead of buying and wasting beauty products…. Especially as the beauty industry has been getting a lot of heat in regards to $532 Billion Beauty Industry has a major role in creating waste, so this project of panning has been an amazing conscious decision for a lot of our Vegan Friendly, Conscious Buying Essential Babes.
But why we love this concept so much, its honestly symbolises the idea of clearing out , Getting rid of old energies and being grateful in the moment, which may seem a little spiritual but you know the girls that Get it! Get it and the Girls that Don’t Don’t!.

SO FOR THE ESSENTIAL BABES THAT WANT TO GET IT …. Here is a Few tips on how to start panning?

Grab your phone pull up your Notes and head over to where all your beauty products are.
Start with writing a list of all your products , Check the expiry dates and write them besides the listed products.
Once the list has been written you can choose to start off with products about to expire or products that you really cant stand!

Once you have chosen the Makeup Products you want to “PAN” then put products aside available to see or leave a makeup bag out and place those products within…. So consciously you are reminded of the products you need to USE UP!

Now Panning is different for anyone, everyone has different time frames and Goals when they aim to step into the challenge. We all know how long it can take to use up products, Most products take up Months on Months to finish.. So maybe just set yourself and aim to do a month of the products and if your not feeling it, then simply switch up the products you are trying to PAN.

Yep the only way you are going to feel the positive sparks of this challenge is to simply take progress pics, snap the beginning of your Panning Journey and this allows you to see how long it takes to finish products and also a little on how much you spend.

As part of your zero waste Mentality look at a few ways you can use the beauty products , for e.g left over eyeshadows can be used in a multiple ways , mixing it into oils and creating a body shimmer or illuminator, Can be used as a blusher depending on the colour or use it as a body highlighter or face highlighter if it is a shimmering metallic eyeshadow, Or for any shimmer metallic eyeshadow mix into clear nail polishes and have yourself an exclusive nail polish made for you. We have shown some major tips on our instgram with DIY ways to use left over or unused beaty products.




Actual Photo of an Essential Babe who used our Golden Sands pigment for this bomb nail look!

If your looking to try out new products , try to shop the travel Size products that will leave you knowing whether you actually like or want to use the products.
Did you know over here at ST Essentials, We purposely produced Our Loose Pigments due to the Multipurpose Benefits within how it can be used, Also we specifically chose to do a travel sized pots which creates a No waste mentality and also the pots can be re-used again to store essential products you own to carry on the Go or Go on holidays with.

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