Slaying With Pride Series 🌈.

Slaying With Pride Series 🌈.

We are still Celebrating Pride 🥳, A Month Later Yep!!


That's right if you have not been following us on our Socials You may have missed all the Celebration and Excitement over at ST Essentials. 


We are going to shamelessly Plug🔌 that straight after you have had your fun on our Site , We are going to need you to take yourself straight over to our Instagram @STESSENTIALS ( Click Here ) , Give us a follow as that's where we leave major updates and Things are On and Popping Literally 😀. 


From the Month of June we took our Celebrations of Pride Up a Notch.. We are.aware of the current frustrations in which a lot of those within the LGBTQ Community Face in terms of feeling like companies are using Pride as a form of campaign and also only Collaborating with LGBTQ Creators during this Month.

We didn't want to contribute to the current neglectful traditional culture of the Beauty industry and So with Research and Going out and speaking to others within the LGBTQ Community we felt it right that we needed  to further amplify and celebrate the Voices within the community further not just by mere Post Collaborations but by offering a Voice and Platform where we could all Gain Knowledge & Be Educated, Share the Experience of one another, provide a platform and a safe Beauty Space that will allow further change and contribute to The Equality and inclusion needed for the community within  society and the Future Generation.

We brought together our First Ever Live Series called Slaying With Pride🏳️‍🌈:


This is an Instagram Live Series in which we will be sharing our Platform with Many Diverse Faces of the LGBTQ Community, which include Content Creators who will be doing Live Takeovers 🎥, Live Interviews with Speakers🗣 and Activists to further explore indepth  topics and Gain Understanding and be Educated 📝 further on the community and how we can support and implement positive change that will be hear to stay. 


Check out Below our Schedule and Live Series as we have already gotten the ball rolling and we don't want you to miss out on this exciting and educational Series 🌈.







We look forward to Catch you on Live With us and Being Part of the Celebration 🍾. 

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