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The Self-Care Playlist to Help You Feel Good.

We have all heard the saying " Music Speaks to the Soul" 🎵.

Have you ever listened to a song and just felt instantly happy or like you was on an all time high!

That essentially is the power of music speaking to your soul,  studies have shown that 

Some  Benefits of music therapy include:

  • improved self-esteem.
  • A decrease in anxiety. 
  • increased motivation
  • successful and safe emotional release.
  • stronger connections with other people.

This is why Music Therapy is adopted  as a calming therapeutic soothing Practice.

With that being said, we have created the ultimate Self-Care Playlist to keep you in positive high spirits,  trust us when we say the selected songs will keep Mind , Body and Soul Vibrating Highly and Keep you smiling all Day Long.


 Click the link below to Check Out our Feel Good Playlist: 



We hope you enjoy the Playlist.

Have a wonderful and Abundant Sunday.


Temi and Sheena 

Co-founder of ST Essentials 


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