Why is there not enough Clean Beauty Brands for Women of Colour?

Why is there not enough Clean Beauty Brands for Women of Colour?

     For Years, the Beauty Industry has failed to be on its best of behaviour,  when it comes to either offering more Diverse options for women of colour or even exposing women in general to a cocktail of Toxic Chemicals all in the Name of making us Beautiful.

However , as we move towards being more conscious and making more efforts to read the labels and find out what ingredients we are internalising into our bodies. It still becomes apparent that the beauty industry has  got a long way to go when it comes to being inclusive.

     Whilst walking down the beauty Isles looking for Eco-friendly,  Vegan Friendly alternative Makeup , We find ourselves struggling to find options that are suitable for Women of Colour , Alot of the clean beauty ranges in high Street stores often lack in Pigment or a variety of shades, despite the amazing transition to having cosmetic brands offering 51 foundations and offering an inclusive approach , we still find that women of colour are still struggling to walk into there beauty high Street store and get a clean  beauty product that caters to there skin tone and skin type.



 The movement to become more conscious in beauty should include all of us, especially as women of colour are known to be exposed too twice as much chemicals from beauty products due to the fact WOC have had a limited range of products  made available to them on the market and it is very much a statistic that WOC spend 80% More money on Cosmetics but  are still neglected .

   This becomes a constant reminder that we still have a long way to go and that is why it is essential to continue to speak up and voice out to push for diversity in the beauty industry.
     That is why our sole purpose for Our brands mission is founded on our motto that everybody deserves to feel good and look good, so creating products that are Formulated with Nourishing Earthly Ingredients that Contribute to great Skin Health and Swatch nicely on all skintones will always be our Aim!!.


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