Why we avoid using these Toxic Ingredients in our Products?

Why we avoid using these Toxic Ingredients in our Products?

Wheeww Chile, If some of you knew the Toxicity that lies in your Makeup Kit you would feel utterly sick 😷. 

When we tell you we have done rigorous research📝 and continue to learn about these chemicals and Toxins that are being used to formulate the makeup products we use to slay our Face ... We never ran  to our Makeup Bag 👝so fast to do a clear out in our Lives.

Then our next thought is we had to share with our Essential Babes!! ( You know we Got Your Back).

So hear is the tea ☕behind this Toxic Industry and what they been feeding our Body and Mind with!!

Let Get into one of the many ingredients they been using for a while now ....



PHTHALATES - Probably don't know what the he'll this ingredient is , But all you need to do is check your ingredients List and for now know this ingredient is Toxic AF.🦠

This ingredient is a large and diverse chemical that can easily be inhaled🤧 and ingested into the skin.

Issue with this chemical : It has been linker to Asthma, Its Cancerous - Breast Cancer , Lead to Hormonal Imbalance, Infertility, Obesity, Known for causing Allergies.

Stay away from any products containing this.


PARABENS - Probably seen people mention this all over the gram , but they act as a Hormonal ESTROGEN in the Body and they can actually disrupt the normal Function of the Reproductive system both within male and females.

Issue : Too much ESTROGEN can trigger breast Cell division, Breast Cancer , Fertility Issues and Skin Aging.

Stay Away from this Product .. Please 🥺.


SLS (SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE) - This is known to strip skin of its natural oils which can be very damaging in maintaining good skin health .


Issue: Dry Skin, Eczema, Itchy Skin and Scalp, Allergic Reactions, For those with Sensitive Skin it can clog pores and Lead to Acne, Can irritate Mouth , Lungs and of Course your Skin.


FRAGRANCE/ PARFUM- We love a good scent but we are just not feeling it in our skincare or makeup . Fragrances are often chemically manufactured and that itself says alot, if it involves chemicals they you already know its toxic🦠, Harmful and Probably not that safe to use especially on the skin.


Issues: They can lead to allergies such as Dermatitis, create Irritations/reactions on skin such as Burning 🔥, itching 🥴 and Swelling.


Sad to say that for decades women have been exposed to a cocktail 🍸 of chemicals and what's even worse WOC ARE EXPOSED TO TWICE AS MUCH CHEMICALS 😕!! 

Thank God , For amazing And Emerging Brands (Wink Wink 😉 *ST Essentials * LOL you know we had to plug 🔌ourselves) who continue to encourage and Formulate Safer Non-Toxic Product, Push for Eco-friendly, Vegan and Sustainable.  


Now we are not saying not to support Brands which are not Eco-friendly🌱 but we are saying remember to Check and Research the ingredients🧐 on the Labels of the products you are purchasing, Question 🤔Brands on why they are using these unsafe chemicals and just be overall safe on what you are using on your skin.


Share This Post with your Family and Friends you never know who you can help by Doing this.💖

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