Women Don't Fix Her Crown Support It !!! ~ International Womens Day .~

Women Don't Fix Her Crown Support It !!! ~ International Womens Day .~

Women Don’t Fix Her Crown, Support It. 

We’ve all heard the saying ‘fix another woman's crown without telling the world it was crooked’.

     This saying is honestly so impactful but unfortunately still today this saying has not  impacted womens lives enough.

  With all the Girl Power and The Women Uniting one another, you would think we would all be on the same team and on the same train of Empowerment,  but simply scroll through social media and you can see how women are constantly shamed for there looks, for the lifestyle they choose to live and the overload of Reality TV Shows With their reunions of women tearing each other down etc , its honestly annoying too say that there is more emphasis on decrowning women than helping to support her crown but not too take away from the many who are using there platfrom and are Genuinely creating safe spaces and communities to uplift women. 

However, We came across a Recent UN  Report that stated 90% of people ( men and women) hold some sort of bias against women globally. CAN YOU IMAGINE ... Like Girllll!! , How can you be biase against your own , we are fighting the same struggle being women in this patricharcal world. 


This honestly just proves that  we are truly nowhere near the change and equality that has been fought for , tbh now it feels like  there is still a Every Man for themselves attitude and if I help you then I need everybody to know I helped you aura, which is honestly disappointing especially to hear women participating in that attitude.

All we should be doing is literally Helping  another women with her crown, help support other women but where you see an area where she lacks or may make mistakes which we all do, don't use it as an opportunity to open a space for judgement and Disrespect,  rather be the shoulder she can lay her head on , be the hand she can reach out too , whilst you tilt her crown and support her with that femme energy to tell her I see you, I got you , I may not understand you , But I am Damn sure am Going to Respect you and Be with You !!!.


   This is the energy for all 2021 and years to come and we are happy there are alot of women that already adopt that Energy and Vibe.

  With that being said , we at ST.. are all about celebrating and uplifting others. SOOO March is here and It is in Fact international women's Month and we wanted to use this month to invite you to our First Ever Instagram Live Series called " I am She" where we have invited SIX Amazing Women who we want to celebrate and crown for using there platform and Voice to create change that affects us as women, they each Advocate for Diversity, Push Body Acceptance and Skin Positivity and Lastly Provide us with Self-Care techniques for our Healing… These women sound amazing right!!! 

   Well you get the chance to be in there presence for free .

   Join us on our Instagram @stessentials throughout the month of March , Aswell as that you can...

     Check out our Event schedule Below👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿

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