About Us


St Essential is an e-commerce company focused on the production of organic and cruelty-free Cosmetic products Founded by Sheena And Temi.

Both Sheena and Temi was inspired to create ST Essentials as they found even with the push towards Inclusion, Many diverse creatives were not given the same lime light within the industry, There Mission is to empower and embrace all individuals regardless of skin tone, sexuality, Physical Size, Cultural Background etc every one deserves too shine.

Our products are based on the skin care of our customers, since they are not harmful due to its  vegan base.

In St essentials our clients are the priority, we believe that offering a great customer service also has the responsibility of their satisfaction, that is why our products are designed of the highest quality.

We firmly believe in cruelty-free products, since this is the best way to build a healthier world. Not only for us, but also for the other living beings that are around us.

We are endeavouring to make as many products as we can vegan friendly.

Thank you for visiting us.