ST.. Bahamian Pink  Eco- Friendly Loose Pigment.
ST.. Bahamian Pink  Eco- Friendly Loose Pigment.

ST.. Bahamian Pink Eco- Friendly Loose Pigment.

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Eco- Friendly Loose Pigment.

Sparkle from Head to Toe in this Irresistable 3D Pigment!.

A rich , Eco- Friendly, Pink Ultra Reflective Shimmering Multipurpose Loose Cosmetic Mica Pigment.

Blind Your Haters with this sparkling Face and Body Loose Cosmetic Mica Pigment.

This Multi- Purpose Loose Pigment can be used to glam up your festival hair and makeup look, to sparkle up your eye shadow and makeup for a night out and to add a touch of shimmer to your Body , Mind and Soul.

The Loose Pigment is richly Pigmented and Ultra Reflective.


This Loose Pigment contains a Micro Fine Richly Pigmented 3D Mica Pigment that is Eco- Friendly. Prepare to pack your brushes with this Hyper Luxe Pearlescent Shimmer to create an irridiscent Sparkle.

The Microfine Loose Shimmer has a smooth, reflective Pay off that glides on the face, body and hair easily and effortlessly to achieve an iridescently sparkly look.

Tip: Mix Bahamian Pink Pigment into A Body Moisturiser or Body oil to create your very own Body Shimmering oil, That will act as the perfect Essential for any Festival Glam .

You really have to see it to appreciate how amazingly beautiful it is.


Mica/ Iron Oxide Cl 77891