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Eco-friendly Loose Pigment Eyeshadow | < Pink Springs >>

Eco-friendly Loose Pigment Eyeshadow | < Pink Springs >>

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Pink Springs

A flirty Pastel Lilac Pink Shade that has a matte finish and glides on smoothly , This cool pink gives a refreshing pretty look to your glam, with just one swatch it truly is super pigmented and provides you with all summer vibes needed.


These pigments are superfine and can be used to amp up your makeup look or combined with other pigments to create your own unique DIY colour .

Long lasting e.g ( Party Proof) . NON-TOXIC.  Cruelty-free . Eco-friendly.  CLEAN BEAUTY FOR ALL SKINTONES &  SKIN TYPES.



Our pigments are made using the Earths Finest Natural Ingredients but we are committed to ensuring we protect the environment whilst catering for all without the compromise to have to look and feel good.

P.S Not too worry we also only Use Synthetic Mica Which means More Colour Pay Off and Shimmer whilst being More Ethical in producing our Products.


As we become more conscious, it is apparent that we are looking for alternative products that also Look Just as Good. But that doesn't mean offering a limited Range, we ensure that our Products are designed regardless of your Skintone or Skintype that it looks just as richly pigmented and Less Toxic for EVERYBODY. So for you Babes with the sensitive skin type this product does not cause Irritation due to its smooth, chemical free , plastic free and Clean Finish and For everybody else From Darker Skin Tone to Lighter Skin Tone, one swatch of this Addictive Pigment you just will not be able to get enough.

ST Essential is 100% Cruelty-free and Eco-Beauty.

Weight: 5g




Here is your Best way to apply loose Glitter Eyeshadow:

Can be applied Directly using finger tip.

●  Apply Eyeshadow Primer

● Add few drops of water to turn it into a liquid Illuminating Highlighter. 

● Dip your brush into loose Eyeshadow and always ensure to tap off excess.

●Mix Emerald Green Pigment into A Body Moisturiser or Body oil to create your very own Body Shimmering oil, That will leave your skin with that Vacation Glow.


Mica/ Iron Oxide Cl 77891