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Eco-Friendly Loose Pigment Eyeshadow Bundle

Eco-Friendly Loose Pigment Eyeshadow Bundle

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Ultra Fine Biodegradable Glitter Pigment Makeup Bundle.

Join Hundreds of Muas and Get Your hands on this No Filter Needed Collection of Fresh, Vegan Friendly Loose Sparkly Pigments. 

Sparkle from Head to Toe in not Just one Pigment but all SIX Irresistible 3D Pigments. This Bundle is worth Every Penny and Pigment, Plus Save £5.00!!

This Bundle Consists of  six  rich , Eco- Friendly, Ultra Reflective Shimmering Multipurpose Loose Cosmetic Mica Pigment.

Our Pigments is made using the finest of Earths Natural Ingredients because we wanted to ensure you get the best loose pigment eyeshadow look that is suitable for your skin tone and Skin type, as we know that the beauty industry has failed to include everyone in the process of formulating there products and It is vital for us to Ensure EVERYBODY is included as you deserve to be celebrated and Embraced.

Blind Your Haters with this sparkling Face and Body Loose Cosmetic Mica Pigment.

This Multi- Purpose Loose Pigment can be used to glam up your festival hair and makeup look, to sparkle up your eye shadow and makeup for a night out and to add a touch of shimmer to your Body , Mind and Soul.

The Loose Pigment has a fierce flaky dust effect and is Ultra Reflective.


These Loose Pigments contains a Micro Fine Richly Pigmented 3D Mica Pigment that is Eco- Friendly. Prepare to pack your brushes with this Hyper Luxe  Shimmer to create an iridescent Sparkle.

The Microfine Loose Shimmer has a smooth, reflective Pay off that glides on the face, body and hair easily and effortlessly to achieve an iridescently sparkly look. You really have to see it to appreciate how amazingly beautiful it is.

Here is your Best way to apply loose Glitter Eyeshadow:

● Can be applied Directly using finger tip.

●  Apply Eyeshadow Primer

● Add few drops of water to turn it into a liquid Illuminating Highlighter. 

● Dip your brush into loose Eyeshadow and always ensure to tap off excess.

●Mix Pigments into A Body Moisturiser or Body oil to create your very own Body Shimmering oil, That will leave your skin with that Vacation Glow.

● Create Your Own Personalised Loose Pigments using the other pigments within the bundle , whilst knowing your rocking an exclusive shade made for you and by you.


Mica/ Iron Oxide Cl 77891