LipBae - 4 LipLoving Glosses formulated with the Underrepresented in Mind.

LipBae - 4 LipLoving Glosses formulated with the Underrepresented in Mind.

“A girls first Love is MOST DEFINETLEY her Lip-gloss” – ST Essentials.

 Who else agrees ?!?

 There is something about lip gloss, the moment you pull it out from your purse or pocket whether you are going to a friends house or it’s a glam night out , a Juicy Lip gloss makes you feel like the ultimate baddie… it provides a boost of energy and esteem within minutes.

What is it about glosses that provides that confident feeling?

We don’t have the answer for that but we have many reasons for why Our LIP BAE Collection gives you a feel good , look good feeling.

Our LipBae Collection is finally here and this collection of glosses is definitely Lip Loving in always possible than one.

LipBae is a collection of 4 Richly Universal Glosses made to compliment and embrace all diverse Lip tones and Skin tones. Meaning that we made sure that the Underrepresented is represented .

But Girl Lets get into the Universal Shades that we placed in our collection:

Arubian Nude – A richly tinted Nude Peach gloss.

Japanese Cherry – A richly Cherry Red sheer gloss.

Mexican Flames – A Spicy Coral gloss blended in with a blinding silver shimmering undertone .

Hawaiian Pink – A pigmented Juicy Soft Nude Pink gloss.

 But the lip bae collection gets more JUICY ... Did you knew it is infused with Shea Butter – The perfect Lip loving ingredient to provide a soft , supple , Kissable pout due it's super moisturising benefits and the fact it is an antioxidant helping to fight the little nasties flying around.

Whats even more juicier about our LipBae Collection is the Positive Affirmation at the back of every lip gloss ... This is what makes our Glosses Bae!

The reason we added this... is women have been subjected to Toxic notions of beauty and false beauty standards but women of colour go through twice as much, they have been under-represented , subjected to toxicity within product ingredients and failed representation within the Beauty Industry, So we wanted our Glosses to be that daily reminder to affirm that  "YOU ARE ESSENTIAL BABE".

Check out our Lip Loving & Universaly formulated LipBae Collection here : Enter here




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